The realities behind its stupendous inexorable price appreciation

UTTA TOKEN by Ultainfinity is the 8th wonder in the world, but that by itself is a misnomer.

So why?

It is difficult to tell the swathe of millions of families around the world that benefits from the astonishing growth in price, value, and utilities of the UTTA token, and oh...the concomitant wealth it gave them for generations that the UTTA token is simply the 8th wonder.

UTTA token is not a gigantic tower that produces zero edibles for millions of people, like the Colosseum.

UTTA token is an enlivened cryptocurrency that transforms and transitions the poor around the world to become prosperous, wiping out generational poverty altogether or for significant millions, an existential essence for Ultainfinity.

UTTA token's multitudinous utilities stretch across staking, lending, and liquidity, amongst others, and these spawn further price increases.

Take, for example, the UTTA token's Utility as the required collateral for SACA, a synthetic trading account by Ultainfinity, with a projected volume of more than $10BN weekly or daily.

Better still and far more importantly, the UTTA token is a core component and exemplar tenet of the SLAPA Model & Systems with its defining URC, Ultainfinity Reserve Controller.

These fundamental structures for UTTA tokens with untold, unparalleled, and propitious price support that defeats market black swan events and significant or lasting price falls.

The support structures for UTTA tokens are seminal financial innovations as they make UTTA tokens possess the stability of a stable coin but with the Goldilocks mechanics for unstoppable price increases.

There's an insatiable demand for UTTA tokens. The seminal design creates an unsated and imperiously infinite order.


UTTA token is not the 8th wonder.

UTTA token is much more, and it's effects are indeed generational.


The author is Mr. M Michael, Founder, CEO & Chairman of Ultainfinity Global Group, owners of the pioneering Ultainfinity Wealth LaunchPad, Ultainfinity PreMarket Exchange, and a stable of other global platforms.



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The Ultainfinity company has developed the Utta token as a powerful financial instrument, one of the cryptocurrencies of the future.